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In 1976, Reactivos Nacionales S.A., RENASA, began in Peru the production of chemical reagents for mining, starting with its line of XANTHATES, thus becoming the plant in South America. This project was conceived in 1961 by a group of Peruvian mining companies, which, in the face of complete dependence on imported products, were seeking to obtain similar products at more reasonable prices and availabilities, diminishing inventory costs.


As a consequence of the increasing mining industry for other complementary reagents, RENASA expanded its production lines to include DITIOPHOSPHATES. The new plant started producing in 1981.

In 1995, and within the context of an open economy, RENASA, a private company since 1993, started the production of FROTHING AGENTS, to better satisfy market requirements. In order to assist our clients in achieving greater competitiveness, and meet their quality and productivity levels, RENASA provides an adequate and efficient Technical Support Service, which is in permanent contact with our users, solving inquiries and/or providing suggestions for the best solutions to their metallurgical problems.

This activity is complemented with the support of a Chemical – Metallurgical Research Laboratory, engaged in the design of the most appropriate Reagents for the different flotation plants and in all kinds of analyses and metallurgical tests for our clients.



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